Why to invest in a luxury flat in Mumbai?

  • MICL Group
  • April 11, 2022

With the reviving economy having infused a renewed sense of confidence among HNI home buyers, there has been a significant surge in demand for luxury homes asset class in the metropolitan cities of India. Mumbai ranks on the top when it comes to luxury homes because of the higher number of high earning citizens in the city. A convenient location is one of the most important aspects that people consider while choosing a luxury apartment. The availability of super-rich amenities such as a rooftop swimming pool and Jacuzzi in every bathroom, take luxurious living experiences to another level.

Upgraded security

Luxury homes are not only about living in comfort but also living in total security. When living in a luxury home, the inhabitants should be safe from any kind of criminal intrusion. Simultaneously, they do not expect to have to install security grilles over their windows or front door as these completely ruin the aesthetics of their homes. The occupants expect to have the assurance that their families and property are safe in all respects. A genuine luxury project has the best of security, both.

Higher Investment value

Many developers are now venturing into the premium segment, which has resulted in a massive spurt of luxury projects. In fact, many of these properties are being touted as so exclusive that sales are by invitations only. Those projects aside, there is no shortage of builders who are marketing their projects as ‘luxurious’ without any real justification for the term. Driven by the rising demand for luxury apartments, many investors (and end-users) are buying sub-standard properties. The locality and many other factors make these homes quite sought-after.

MICL Group is one such developer in Mumbai who has affluent construction experience and the trust of its customers. They are also into creating luxury apartments in premium locations that come with amazing features and amenities. It is their expression of a world-class vision — to create an iconic identifier for one of the world’s great cities; to provide homes of distinction for India’s most accomplished families.

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