MICL Group Pays Salute to Their Labours This Labour Day

  • MICL Group
  • April 11, 2022

May 1 is celebrated all over the world as International Labour Day as a celebration of labourers and the working class. Labour Day 2018 is promoted by the Labour Movement for a collective organisation of working people over the world, and implementation of labour laws. The movement sprang in Britain, during the Industrial Revolution which ultimately gave birth to the Labour Party.
As leading real estate developers in Mumbai, the MICL Group makes efforts to make life easier for people toiling in the sun to build structures.

Labour struggle and issues in the country receive little attention. This issue is not glamorous enough for the mass media and nor does it drive up ratings. The key reason behind such a bizarrely skewed ratio of the formal and informal economy lies in India’s labour laws that implicitly incentivize contractual and informal employment. Although reforms to overhaul such laws to enlarge the size of the formal sector have not found too many patrons so far, there are growing demands for a better deal for the unorganized sector. The total labour force in India is estimated to be over 45 million. Of all labour issues, the informal economy, child labour and absence of social safety net are the most serious concerns.

The labour force in the country deserve adequate access to healthcare, education, skill development and safety at the work place. While economic transformation in the last two decades has eroded traditional, indigenous community support systems took care of periodic, or life-long, social and economic insecurities of individuals in the past. The existing social security institutions are afflicted with poor governance.

MICL Group with the help of its contractors, take measures to safeguard lives of the labourers and their family. They matter a lot to the organisation, as they do no less work than our engineers and architects. After all, they are ones who turn blue prints to reality. This International Labour Day, we thank all those hard-workers who do tremendous jobs in adverse work conditions without vain – the labourers of real estate. On Labour Day, we pay tribute to the hard work of the true nation builders, in the success of their dreams lies the progress of our nation.

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